LiteBlue Career Development

The LiteBlue USPS training and professional development initiatives develop employees to achieve their professional goals and dreams.


National Center for LiteBlue Employee Development

The National Center for Employee Development (CNED) supervises and provides practical training to LiteBlue employees in positions responsible for the management and maintenance of high-tech postal systems, vehicles, and mail processing devices.

Live satellite broadcasts, computer audio, and audio networks, as well as computer, video and Internet technologies, are used to develop basic business skills.

LiteBlue Advanced Leadership Program

Advanced Leadership Program is a 3-week program that is based on the Executive Competency model for LiteBlue USPS Employees. The program spans from 6 to 9 months period.

Week 1 at LiteBlue USPS: Business Foundations specifies the necessary information needed to be an effective leader. Some of this program include finance, planning, and transition along with project management;

Week 2: Personal Development involves rich assessments and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Week 3: Business leadership and Business Case presentation which includes participants addressing an issue. These individuals must be nominated by a sponsoring executive and approved by their vice versa.


LiteBlue invites you to discover diversity as a world and its cultures, perspectives, experiences, and origins. It’s our individual differences that extend beyond gender, race, origin, disability, and age.

LiteBlue.USPS.Gov Inclusion

We promote inclusions by our policies and practices along with our organizational culture. We encourage all employees and we provide tools and resources to support goal achievement.

Diversity and inclusion are the responsibility of everyone at the LiteBlue United States Postal Service. They work as guiding principles in the way we form our strategy and cross-functional teams, and also how we carry out our business with our customers and business partners.

The important initiatives for diversity and inclusion are:

  1. Fast networks: This structured and high-speed networking event offers mentors and provides an opportunity to explore some innovative topics. The format is similar to speed dating and provides tips and guidance to support an individual’s career path.
  2. Employees are encouraged to spend an hour exploring a recent or innovative topic that creates business transparency and promotes professional development. This series is provided to all employees in a personal and virtual way.
  3. Reading club: This informal community has built up around the love of books. Members formally communicate with each other quarterly and share their vision and relevancy of the books they read.
  4. By creating a diverse workforce, the position will attract, retain and promote talented people who will allow the company to survive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

LiteBlue USPS is proud of the employees who do a great job to get the mail delivered every day.